Not this again…

Just a little rant here. As a long-time event and marketing professional, I get many pitches and requests to review event-related products. Most frequently seen… The on-site event networking tool. The pitch is something like this…Find people you need to meet at an event. The latest was a mobile platform that also built in social media capabilities – monitor someone you’re stalking and see what they’re tweeting about.

Here are a few points that I would make to any entrepreneur who wants to create a product for events:

  1. There are people who want to find (finders) and others who do not want to be found (hiders). Example: PR person and NYT journalist. So, for an event that is 60% finders and 40% hiders, who will be using this service?
  2. People are lazy. Who wants to take the time to sign up for a new networking service that will send you hundreds of emails or Facebook requests?
  3. Understand the needs. I have to believe that development of an event networking product must have emerged from the entrepreneur’s own experience. “I have to find this VC and yet he’s left the building… If only he were using a service where I could see where he was…” Before you build such product, ask the VC what they’d like to see.

And of course, with Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In, really, why would you need another service?

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